Many commonly prescribed medications used to treat everyday ailments can be metabolized differently based on an individual’s inherited genetic variants. Pharmacogenomic testing (PGx) blends the study of drugs called Pharmacology, with the study of genetic mapping and DNA sequencing called Genomics. Testing helps physicians select effective, safe medications and doses that are tailored to an individual’s specific genetic makeup.

PHS Onsite Support

    Personalized Health Solutions offers hands-on support. Our experienced technicians will work alongside your staff to handle specimen collection and processing. PHS will assign staff to report to your location at a frequency determined by volume. At no cost to your practice, our technician will collect specimens from your patients, execute all the necessary forms, ship them to the lab, and oversee the process through to delivery of the result to your secure online portal.

Urine Drug Testing

Test Kit Order Form

    To reorder your test kits, please follow the link below and supply the requested information, making certain to include your practice name, your name and contact information, and the number of test kits you would like us to ship. Please allow up to one week for the receipt of new test kits. A confirmation will be sent upon processing of your request.

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    To begin offering state of the art pharmacogenomic testing to your patients, please follow the link below and supply the requested information, and a PHS representative will contact you.