Talk to your Doctor about Pharmacogenomic Testing

Each of us metabolize or break down medications differently, based on our unique genetic makeup. Your physician can help you determine how you will react to certain commonly prescribed medications and which to avoid because of risk of Adverse Drug Events (ADEs).

Testing is available with an order from your doctor, and results will be made available to your doctor through a secure online portal. Additionally, you will receive a card that can be shared with any other physician who participates in your care. And since results don’t change for a lifetime, this information will be critical to keep and share with future prescribing doctors.

Advantages of Pharmacogenomic Testing

  • Eliminate or reduce ‘trial and error’ prescribing of medication
  • Understand individual drug response to determine the right drug and the right dose
  • Reduce negative side effects
  • Avoid out of pocket costs of unnecessary or ineffective medications
Talk to your doctor

Understanding Your Results

You and your doctor can review your results based on your genetic profile and list of current medications. Depending on what kind of metabolizer you are, PGx testing can predict how you will react to common medications such as blood thinners, pain relievers, SSRI’s, statins, and beta blockers.

Medications can be divided into two types, Standard Drugs which produce a physiological effect when ingested, and Pro-Drugs, which will not produce a change in its ingested state, but require metabolism to produce the desired effect.

Metabolism can be influenced by a number of factors such as co-existing conditions and interactions with other drugs, as well as a patient’s Metabolizer Phenotype, which identifies genetic variants that affect how your enzymes metabolize various medications.

∗ Poor Metabolizer – Enzymes break down Standard drugs very slowly, creating risk of toxicity because drug is slow to be eliminated. Pro-drugs are less effective because they are activated more slowly.

∗ Intermediate Metabolizer – At approved doses, enzymes will be slightly slower in breaking down Standard drugs, requiring a slightly lower dose to avoid toxicity. Pro-drugs may be less effective because of slower metabolism.

∗ Normal Metabolizer – Produces desired outcome as expected when dosed according to FDA approved labels.

∗ Rapid and Ultrarapid Metabolizers – Enzymes break down and eliminate drugs very quickly, often reducing the effectiveness of the drug. Standard doses may not be sufficient to produce the desired result. Pro-drugs are activated more quickly, creating risk for toxicity.