Your response to medication is as individual as you are.

A person’s response to a medication can be affected by environmental factors such as age or diet, but a large part of the success of a drug therapy is determined by our genetics. Genetic variation can affect how a drug is metabolized, how quickly it gets broken down, and how much is needed. A genetic variant may be the difference between a successful treatment, an ineffective treatment, or an adverse reaction.

Risks of Trial and Error Prescribing

Until an individual knows how he will react to a medication or what dose of a particular drug may be effective, there is risk of serious harm, particularly for persons who are over 65 or may be taking multiple medications. Adverse Drug Reactions (ADE’s) result in over 700,000 emergency department visits each year, and can prolong hospital stays from 1.7 days to 4.6 days.

Old one-size-fits-all approach to drug development and prescribing

New pharmacogenomic testing enables selection of best drug and dose

A Personalized Approach through Pharmacogenomics

Now you and your physician can find the right drug, in the right dose, for the right condition. Beginning with a simple cheek swab, your physician will receive test results with your individual genetic make-up. It is now possible to confirm your prescribed therapy or determine if a change in medication or doses is right for you.