A person’s response to a medication can be affected by environmental factors such as age or diet, but a large part of the success of a drug therapy is determined by our genetics. Genetic variation can affect how a drug is metabolized, how quickly it gets broken down, and how much is needed. A genetic variant may be the difference between a successful treatment, an ineffective treatment, or an adverse reaction.

Talk to Your Doctor

    You and your doctor can be better informed when making choices about your care. By requesting a drug sensitivity test, your doctor will receive information that will help find the right drug in the right dose, prevent potentially harmful side effects, and get you and your family on the path to recovery sooner than with trial and error prescribing.

Insurance Coverage

    Private Insurers are increasingly recognizing the value and cost savings of pharmacogenomic testing for improved care, avoidance of adverse drug events, and management of chronic conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to common questions about PGx testing, DVT, and tox/wellness screens