PHS brings Pharmacogenomic Testing to the Gulf Coast

Mobile, AL June 12, 2018

Personalized Health Solutions brings Pharmacogenomic Testing to the Gulf Coast.

Mobile, Alabama based Personalized Health Solutions (PHS) announces the offering of Pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing to healthcare providers and patients along the Gulf Coast. PGx testing is a non-invasive DNA test enabling personalized prescribing of medication tailored to an individual’s genetic makeup. More than 75% of the population has a genetic variant that could result in medications being ineffective or producing unwanted side effects.

PHS President Mark Swanzy envisions PGx testing becoming a medical standard of care in two to four years. “My wife is a nurse educator, and has often said there must be a better way to personalize drug therapy than trial and error. Everyone should be tested at some point, but especially those struggling with management of multiple medications for chronic conditions.”

Utilization of PGx testing along the Gulf Coast has not kept pace with other parts of the country, a climate Swanzy believes PHS can help change through professional education. This technology has the potential to improve patient care and adherence, increase drug effectiveness, limit adverse drug reactions and prevent unintended interactions between multiple drugs. References to the benefit of PGx testing are cropping up in the media among reports of advances in genetic testing. Pharmacogenomic Testing, also referred to as Pharmacogenetic Testing, delivers guidance on the specific genes that metabolize medications for heart disease and hypertension, high cholesterol, ADHD, depression, chronic pain, and many other conditions. Because results are based on a patient’s DNA, the results are valid for the patient’s lifetime and can be shared with providers treating the patient now and in the future.

Unlike some direct to consumer DNA tests, PGx tests must be requested by and delivered to the patient’s healthcare provider. Patients who wish to be tested may contact PHS directly or have their provider contact PHS to learn more and obtain test kits.

About Personalized Health Solutions

PHS was formed in 2017 to facilitate the emerging innovations in healthcare called Personalized Medicine. Personalized Medicine is about choosing individualized therapies for patients not responding to traditional treatment protocols. PHS’s mission is to bring health solutions to healthcare providers and their patients which personalize medicine, improve patient adherence, reduce cost and achieve better outcomes.

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