Welcome to Personalized Health Solutions

Personalized Health Solutions, LLC offers innovative testing solutions to enable doctors to determine the most effective therapies for individuals, and partners with the practice to deliver improved care throughout its patient population.

“Understanding an individual's genetic makeup is key to creating personalized drugs that work better and have fewer side effects than the one-size-fits-all drugs that are common today.”

- NIH National Human Genome Research Institute

Advantages that personalized medicine may offer healthcare providers and patients:

  • Eliminate or reduce ‘trial and error’ prescribing of medication
  • Understand individual drug response to determine the right drug and the right dose
  • Identify genetic variants that effect drug metabolism
  • More precise health treatment plans resulting in greater likelihood of desired outcomes
  • Reduce negative side effects
  • Control or reduce healthcare costs

Personalized Health Solutions, LLC was started in order to educate providers and patients on the emerging practice of healthcare called Personalized Medicine. Personalized Medicine is about choosing individualized therapies for patients that may not have responded to traditional treatment protocols. PHS offers insight into an individual’s genetic traits that allow providers to accurately predict how a patient may respond to a given medication. Because patients have the possibility of possessing genetic variants and environmental factors that may differ from the norm, their response to treatment will vary as well.

Personalizing healthcare allows a provider to quickly define the most appropriate therapy for a patient without the trial and error that sometimes occurs when prescribing a new medication. By incorporating state of the art testing to learn about a person’s specific traits, providers are better positioned to select the most effective treatment plan for patients.